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" I met Seth while surfing on the Island of Morea a few years ago. While we were out in the lineup, he mentioned his work as a surf guide in New Zealand. My son and I usually take a surf trip every year, and upon my return to California, I decided to research traveling in New Zealand. What I learned about the country all looked good: beautiful countryside, great food, attractive exchange rate, and amazing surf. So I arranged a 10-day tour with Seth on the North Island of New Zealand in March of 2016.


The time we spent there was incredible. We did hit some bad weather, but that is to be expected when you travel, and Seth had some fun diversions while we waited for the surf to improve. Seth is very organised, knowledgeable and diligent in finding the best waves on a given day. He's up early checking the wind and swell maps in order to find a location that has a high probability producing some good surf. He also has access to locations you would not be able to find if you were traveling on your own, that have no crowds.


If you enjoy really good food and espresso, Seth knows the best restaurants and coffee shops. Another highlight of the trip, he introduced us to some great people that we would not have met if we weren't with him. To summarise, we had a great time and I would recommend him as your resource for a great New Zealand surf vacation."  Steve, Santa Cruz, California


Seth Bloom

As a dedicated lifelong surfer, Seth blends fun and laughter with expert knowledge of the New Zealand coastline and conditions. Being an explorer and adventurer he can confidently claim, in his 13 years of living here to have surfed more of New Zealand than most kiwis.

Whether you are fairly new to surfing or a seasoned ex-pro, Seth will help you get the most out of your surf trip down under. His mission is to take you to score pumping waves on New Zealand's vast coastline. Seth is an expert at reading the conditions and knowing where to go when.


Helen Bloom

 Helen has been operating adventure tours in New Zealand since 2009. She has designed countless itineraries for individuals featuring a myriad of activities in locations throughout her homeland.

Her background includes a lifetime dedication to the outdoors.  Skiing and snowboarding the world through the 1990's she then transitioned as a sales & marketing professional, a career that spanned over 10 years in the USA. She worked for RipCurl, RedBull and Transworld Media before becoming a yoga teacher and meeting her Californian born Surf Coach husband Seth, camping at Jalama, Ca. 


Helens tours take time to experience the sights, breathe and eat organic wholefoods, often from her garden. Nature boosted adventure at it's finest.

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